I was soaking wet at the end of the shift

I worked all morning on Friday plus it was very warm outside! Temperatures were in the 90s most of the morning… I was in charge of the ferris wheel that morning. I had a line of people all morning… Every time the line cleared out, more plus more people came to ride the ferris wheel. It was warm all morning, but the afternoon brought rain. I thought the rain would be a welcome chop from the heat, but temperatures after the rain were even higher than they were in the morning. The humidity was worse too, and by the end of my shift, I was soaking wet from the rain plus then the humidity. I wanted to go back apartment as soon as my shift was over, even though I told my girl that I would go to the marijuana dispensary on my way home, and she was out of Indica marijuana flower. I told him that I would stop on my way home, but that was earlier in the morning before I knew that my morning was going to be terrible, however my girl was already at home, so I could not ask him to go back out plus it would have taken 2 seconds for delivery. I stopped at the marijuana dispensary plus went inside to check out the selection of products. I was thrilled that I stopped at the marijuana dispensary, because there was a representative from one of the cannabis concentrate companies inside of the building. The lady had free samples to supply away plus she was also giving out 15% coupons on the other products in stock.

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