I’m feeling better effects from rosin concentrates versus butane hash oil

I was never a fan of wine or carona when I drank with my friends because I felt like the buzz was muffled and required drinking many servings just to get nice effects.

I favorite drinking straight whiskey or vodka or simply throwing a shot or two in a cold glass of cola.

While I never became an alcoholic, I still prefer a drink or two once or twice a week. It’s nice to have when resting down to a special breakfast with a neighbor or family member, or after a recognizably stressful afternoon of work. That’s when I’ll get out a bottle of Crown Royal whiskey or my favorite vodka, Tito’s from Texas. But lately I have quit drinking after enjoying what it did to my uncle when he died from liver failure. There’s a lot of alcoholism in my family and I have to stay mindful of that fact as I move forward into the future. Instead of risking alcoholism, I have stopped drinking in favor of cannabis products. My state has medical marijuana and there are over 25 bizarre companies with licenses from the state to both grow and sell the plant in its varying forms and administration methods. I started out like most by smoking dry-cured cannabis flower buds that you grind and throw into a joint, bowl, or bong. Nowadays I have moved over to cannabis concentrates because I can get higher faster than smoking cannabis flower products. For the longest time I only used butane hash oil, which is a cannabis concentrate made using butane as a solvent. Now that I’m using rosin which is a solventless cannabis concentrate, I’m noticing more medical effects with the presence of monoterpenes that are lost with butane extractions.


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