Cannabis SEO plays a factor in what I choose

When it comes to cannabis I am certainly particular about my strain, i want seed to sell, high quality buds, well reviewed and a local business.

I travel a lot for work, mostly to areas that offer recreational weed, however that means I am always going in and out of cannabis dispensaries. I don’t just pop into whatever a single I happen to stumble upon though, then what I do is research a ton beforehand. I learn the facility before I even walk in the door. I want to make sure they have qualified budtenders and good products. I want to support a local business and make sure I can get all the products I want, then a section of my research is also checking out the website. It is amazing to me when a business doesn’t invest in SEO and online marketing. It is more than worth it in my opinion, first, who relies on newspaper ads and word of mouth? The way of the future is through the internet, then cannabis SEO is crucial. The prospective customers need to be able to find the business with a simple google search. I never click over to page more than one. I hardly scroll down when I look at cannabis dispensary options. Just ranking high on google isn’t enough though. A fully optimized website does sway my opinion. If they invest in a high quality website, that must mean they have better products as well. A good website shows me all the products, their pleased, reviews and offers curbside pickup/delivery. All cannabis dispensaries should invest in media marketing.

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