My son told me he was buying legal THC, but it was just CBD.

I was so angry at my son last month, that had he been a teenager, I would’ve grounded him. He was buying what he called legal THC, even though marijuana was not legalized in our state. I asked him where he bought legal THC? He told me he could buy marijuana anywhere, as long as he picked up the right stuff. He told me about Delta eight which was really fake marijuana, being sold under the guise of CBD. He told me that if he doubled the dose of Delta eight and took 2, 10 mg Gummies instead of one, he got a really cool high. I was so angry at him, that I couldn’t even talk. I reminded him that marijuana was illegal in our state. Whether he believed it or not, if there was enough THC in the Delta eight, he could be arrested for driving under the influence. He said it was just a low amount of THC because you couldn’t always get the THC out. I asked him how he was experiencing a high if there wasn’t enough THC to get a high? My husband grabbed my arm and shook his head. After our son left, he told me I needed to relax. He showed me the Delta 8 package that our son had left laying there. It was 99.8% pure CBD and only .2% THC. He told me that if our son was getting high from two CBD Gummies that came out of this package, it was in his head, and not in his system. He also told me that if he was getting high on the CBD Gummies, he deserved to get picked up for DUI.



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