I didn’t want my kids using CBD anymore than I wanted them to have THC.

She took the packs and thanked me for bringing them to her

I couldn’t believe our local pharmacy was selling CBD products over-the-counter. My kids were picking up the CBD Gummies and asking me if I would buy them for them. I didn’t want my kids using CBD any more than I wanted to have them using THC. I had nothing against legal medical marijuana and CBD, but I knew they had age limitations and health limitations before you could get the medical marijuana ID card. With CBD out in the open, it enticed kids to want to try it. After my husband took the kids out to the car and left me behind to pay the bill, I talked to the pharmacist, who was a friend of mine. I asked her why the CBD Gummies were in the open where kids could purchase it. Kelly gave me an odd look and told me they weren’t out in the open. The CBD Gummies were inside a plastic unit that had a key lock. I went over to the counter and picked up the two packages of CBD Gummies that were in the basket. I took them over and handed them to Kelly and asked her how she thought I got these when they were supposedly under lock and key. She took the packs and thanked me for bringing them to her. She said she would bring up ‌the CBD packs not being under lock and key to her Associates. I didn’t want to see anyone getting in trouble at the pharmacy, because I was friendly with everyone, but this was pure negligence. Although it was truly CBD, Kelly said you still had to be 18 to purchase it.

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