CBD worked better for my pain than the THC.

Even though I didn’t have a medical marijuana card, my daughter did.

When my arthritis started getting so painful that my OTC painkillers weren’t working, my daughter gave me a couple of her THC Gummies. The Gummies did not help with my pain, but they left me with horrible nightmares and a feeling that my face was collapsing in on itself. I told her I thought the THC was not good for me, and it didn’t even help with the arthritis pain. She told me I should try stronger THC Gummies, but I didn’t think that was the problem. I had talked to a friend of mine who was using medical marijuana. She told me that it wasn’t the THC that killed the pain, but the CBD that was in the Gummies. The doctor she talked to when she went for her medical marijuana, told her that it was the CBD that killed the pain. The THC may have allowed for sleep in some people, but basically it worked more as a hallucinogenic. I now understood why I was having strange nightmares, seeing things that weren’t there, and feeling like my face was collapsing. My daughter told me that I was crazy, and I should just try stronger THC Gummies, but I insisted I wanted the CBD. The next time they went into the pharmacy for their medicine, my daughter-in-law found a couple of packets of CBD Gummies. She brought them home to me and asked me if I wanted to try them. After making sure they had no THC in them, I ate one. I couldn’t believe how much difference the CBD Gummies made after only an hour.



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