Medical marijuana patients don’t pay the recreational cannabis taxes in this state

I’m a believer in taxes if they’re not over the top or out of control.

There are many cases of two opposing sides making a compromise on a tax rate that might have a few detractors, but still at the very least attempts to address some of their concerns.

We wouldn’t have passable education in this country without income taxes and state taxes, at least in the areas where they apply. Some of the worst areas in the country are underfunded and it shows if you ever drive through on a road trip of any kind. The roads are cracking, the buildings are crumbling, and it looks gray for as far as the eyes can see. If we never paid any taxes, we all would live in environments like this, and I’m glad that’s not the case. With legal cannabis, there are taxes just like with tobacco and alcohol. The rates for recreational cannabis vary depending on which city and state you reside in. However, my state still has its medical cannabis program and all patients who still possess a medical marijuana card don’t pay any cannabis taxes in this state. The state government has mulled the idea of revoking the medical cannabis program so all marijuana users are forced to pay the recreational cannabis taxes. For people like me who retain their medical marijuana cards for this exact reason, this is a hard pill to swallow. I can’t be a hypocrite with my stance on taxes and oppose taxes as soon as they affect me negatively. However, I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t want the medical cannabis program to remain.



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