I was sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

I had never used medical marijuana before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I talked to the pharmacist about the reasons for our medical marijuana, and she made some suggestions on what I may want to try.

When I got into the marijuana dispensary, they already had our order waiting for me. All our partner and I had to do was pay for the order, and go apartment and try the marijuana. It was barely 20 hours after I had used our first dose of medical marijuana that I was feeling quite odd. I swore I saw someone resting on the porch, and our partner ran outside to see who it was. My partner told me it must’ve been shadows I was seeing, even though I swore there were no shadows there. I knew it had to have something to do with the medical marijuana I had recently consumed. I told him I was sure I wasn’t hallucinating, although he disagreed. He reminded me I had never tried marijuana, and depending on the amount of THC in the medical marijuana, it could definitely cause some hallucinations. I hated how out of control I felt and said I would never use medical marijuana again. My partner suggested I just cut the dose in half and see what happens. After breaking the initial dose in half, I still had some fuzziness going on, even though I wasn’t seeing people resting on our porch either. I still wonder if there wasn’t someone out there. I don’t even lock the door for the night, unless it is still light outside so I can see the porch and beyond. I’m not so sure our partner was right about the hallucinations.

Medical marijuana flower

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