Sativa strains are perfect for afternoontime labor when I need to extra stimulation

Living a tied up and hectic life was paradoxically fun when I was in my mid 20s and had no other responsibilities in my life but my own happiness. Nowadays I have to help out with my elederly parents while working a full time task from condo and being there for my pregnant wife in the process. There are a lot of stressful thoughts passing through my mind all throughout the afternoon and I know overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion. I hate to disclose that I sometimes get suicidal ideation and it will burden my mind far past the point of discomfort. I tried taking anxiety medications for a while, however I found that they were far too sedating for my liking. The sedation would result in myself and others getting so sleepy that it would really make myself and others depressed. It’s a hard tradeoff when you have to give up anxiety just to know depressed instead. That’s why I went without taking anything for my problems for the longest time and would just suffer in silence from the troubles plaguing my mind. This is right around the time when a close buddy of mine let myself and others try cannabis one afternoon while I was over at her apartment. I was right away impressed by how wonderful I felt on the marijuana and decided to visit a cannabis dispensary for myself to try a modern cannabis product for the first time in the privacy of my own home. Best of all, I have the ability to buy sativa strains of cannabis which are especially wonderful at keeping my brain focused and stimulating throughout the day sevenths when I need the additional boost. I can get rid of both my anxiety and depression at the same time when I consume a wonderful sativa strain of cannabis.

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