The dispensary offered first time patients fifty percent off

I went to see a doctor to get my medical marijuana card.

The appointment only took about an hour. I was surprised by the ease in which I was able to convince the doctor that I needed medical marijuana. After I finished in the office with the doctor, the receptionist gave me a booklet with information resources and advertising and coupons from local medical marijuana shops. Most places had discounts of 25 or 20% off all of the regular products and stock items. One of the coupons was a 50% off coupon for your first time patient purchase at a dispensary downtown. I knew that was going to be the first place I was going to visit after I received my card in the mail. I happily took the advertising card to the dispensary so I could get my 50% off. A bartender came to help me and she spoke just with me. She gave me one-on-one attention and explained nearly every product in the store. She answered every single question that I had regarding medical marijuana. The woman was a valuable resource and tool. She wasn’t trying to high pressure sell me anything and it was nice and refreshing. She even helped me pick out some items for my order. There are lots of great reasons to have knowledgeable budtenders and staff at the medical marijuana clinic and this is just one example of how the staff members can really change the experience of the customer. As a first time patient, I was blown away by the experience.


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