The delivery guy wasn't allowed through the gate

My girlfriend and I went down South for a week during the summer season.

We rented a condo in a gated neighborhood.

Believe or not, it was cheaper than a hotel. We paid $99 a night for the condo and we had access to a pool, fitness center, and steam room. We also had the added security of gated patrol at the front of the condo. I thought it was the perfect vacation spot for the two of us. The place was perfect until we ordered recreational cannabis products from a dispensary nearby. The two of us had never ordered recreational marijuana products from a dispensary. We did not really know how the process worked. We gave the attendant our address and phone number, but we did not tell the person at the gate that we were expecting a delivery. The officer at the gate was being very nosy. He tried to ask the driver a lot of questions and the delivery driver would not answer other than to say the address that he was going to. The kid was trying to protect my privacy, but the gate guard thought he was being suspicious, so he would not let the cannabis delivery driver come into the parking lot. I had to walk all the way up to the front of the building to pick up the cannabis products that my girlfriend and I ordered from the delivery service. It was quite a hike and the delivery driver didn’t look very happy after waiting 15 minutes for me to arrive at the gate.


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