I used the distillate in cookies and wowie

My wife and I went to the marijuana dispensary to find a product that we could use in baking and cooking applications.

We were looking for something specific that might not necessarily change the taste of the items that we were cooking or baking.

We absolutely got the right budtender for the job. The kid knew a lot about marijuana and he seemed to know every single product in the store. My wife and I spent more than 20 minutes talking to the kid about different recipes and products that would help. One of the products that he recommended is cannabis distillate. Distillate is ultra refined marijuana oil that has already been decarboxylated. That is very important, because you do not have to heat the product in order to activate the cannabinoids. The hard part is already done with distillate. It’s a bit more expensive than other products on the market, but it was absolutely what my wife and I were looking for. My wife and I bought three vials of the distillate product. Each one of the vials contained 1 gram of cannabis distillate. I carefully use the distillate to make cookies. Cookies are my favorite way to bake cannabis products. It’s very easy to disguise the taste of marijuana when using chocolate. I bake cookies that are chocolate with chocolate chips and I also make chocolate muffins with the distillate compound. They have a lot more THC than any edible we can find in the dispensary and we can use the product in absolutely any recipe that we can come up with.


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