There was supposed to be no smoking in the house

After our Grandma went to a nursing home, he left myself and others in charge of his home.

She wanted to rent the beach house plus I set up an agreement plus a couple of people interviewed for the site.

I interviewed with the customers plus I found a young couple with a toddler that seemed prefer the best fit. They were both absolutely quiet plus professional plus the child was supposed to be at daycare all day. I charged the young couple a security deposit that was equal to 2 weeks of rent. They had no problem coming up with the money, so I thought it was a sure thing to have them in the house, but one of the rules plus regulations that was listed in the lease was no guy was supposed to smoke in the house. I certainally wrote in the lease that there was no smoking or vaping of any kind for nicotine or marijuana or any other substances. After 6 weeks of paying rent properly early, they were abruptly late with rent plus no a single called myself and others with a reason. It had been a while since I had heard from the tenants. They were paying their rent each week. When they stopped, I visited the house. There were numerous teenagers inside plus they were all using recreational marijuana. I had to contact the police department to get the kids out of the house. I still haven’t been able to contact the tenant. They disappeared plus the teenagers started to use the location as a hangout for recreational marijuana plus alcohol.

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