The dog broke the brand new bong I got on 420

My friends and I visited a lot of different places this year on the 420 holiday.

One of the dispensaries was giving away a lot of free stuff.

When the purchase of $50 worth of marijuana supplies, he said receive a gift bag with prizes of $100 or more. I bought two grams of cannabis concentrate so I could qualify for the purchase. After my friends and I were outside of the dispensary, we looked at the items that we received. Inside of my bag were a couple of different items. There was a half gram of cannabis concentrate in my bag and a brand new water bong. The glass bong was medium-sized and had colors like green, blue, and yellow. I was really excited about the vong. My friends were a little bit jealous. They received free marijuana and Edibles in their bags. I was the only person that received a piece of glass in the free bag. I smoked a bit out of the bong the night that we came home from the dispensary. I had to work the next day. I left the marijuana bong sitting on the stand in my bedroom. My friend’s dog was out in the house all day. Somehow the door to my bedroom opened and the dog entered my bedroom. The water bong was knocked on the floor and shattered into a dozen different pieces. None of my roommates knew how the dog got out and none of them offered to buy me a new bong. It was a nice piece of glass and I only had the opportunity to use it one time.

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