Taking over my marketing

I own a cannabis dispensary & it is doing fine! Basically I have the same typical customers that come in on a day to day, sometimes monthly basis.

It is entirely precious to get a modern purchaser unless they happen to see the store across the street.

I invested in some online social media platforms & that hasn’t entirely led mye someplace. I don’t entirely understand facebook, twitter & instagram. I also don’t know what the public wants me to say on those platforms. I entirely would like to get more people coming into the store… We have cool features that not all cannabis dispensaries have. I have a dab bar set up with a rig. There is a smoker’s lounge where you can test out your products. I also happen to know I have the largest selection of topicals in town… A budtender of mine said that I needed to invest in online advertising. I needed an SEO corporation to take a look at the marketing side of my cannabis dispensary, and so far I have only talked to them on the iphone & seen the mock up web design for my store. I am entirely impressed at this point. The web design is just amazing. It makes my cannabis dispensary look new, modern & substantial. The SEO analyst now working with myself and others seems to suppose that I will see a substantial increase in sales. They also want to take over my social media for me, which I am entirely grateful for. The price for these services aren’t too bad either. If I get more sales because of them, they will be worth every dime.


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