My grandparents are having fewer issues with arthritis now that they use CBD salve

Before I was forced to move out of state for graduate school, I was used to visiting my grandparents at least six or seven times a year.

They always lived within driving distance of my parents’ homes, although the one we grew up in originally was within a short bike ride of our grandparents’ old country house. I learned how to cook from my grandfather and how to grow plants of every kind from my grandmother. No matter what, they always give me good advice on tough situations in life. It helps talking to people of older generations that remember things about life that are either forgotten or have long been taken for granted by those who have come after them. People don’t appreciate the fact that electricity and indoor plumbing are expected in most places in this country, but both of my grandparents spent years of their childhoods without either. Unfortunately, lately I’ve seen a lot of pain in my grandparents’ eyes because they’re both struggling with advanced arthritis in their hands and wrists. One of the only things that seems to help with their severe pain is this amazing CBD salve that their pharmacists started carrying in his store. It’s not the cheapest CBD cream on the market, but it’s full spectrum and is full of other cannabinoids and terpenes beyond simply CBD. My parents are using CBD products as well nowadays. They’re becoming increasingly popular because they’re technically legal at the federal level, regardless of any local restrictions in particular cities and states. I like traditional cannabis more, but I can definitely understand the allure of CBD specifically.


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