Some cannabis genetics yield purple plants during cultivation

I’m fascinated by plants, especially the cultivation process. My parents were florists & grew some of their products in a vast garden every one of us had behind our house. Between the plants they grew & the ones they imported from out of state, I l received the ins & outs of the flower business. I owe it to my parents for cultivating my interest in botany at such a young age. My favorite parts of math in university were ecology & everything within that larger umbrella. It was fascinating reading about photosynthesis & the plant cycle. While I ended up reading engineering by the time I reached undergraduate university, I still never provided up my interest in plants. This interest evolved when I started using cannabis products in my early 20s & became obsessed with the plant & its constitutive compounds. Some people assume that it’s just the THC gratified that determines the potency of one batch of cannabis flower buds, however it’s also other cannabinoids & the terpenes in identifiable that are owed the most credit for a identifiable batch of cannabis being potent. Aside from the terpene profiles being identifiable , identifiable strains of cannabis look odd than others. Some have light or dark green hues with amber hairs, however there are some marijuana genetics that yield purple cannabis flower buds. You’ll see the dark purple in the cannabis flowers while the plants are growing. This will exhibit during the cannabis flowering stage. Tropicanna Cookies is one identifiable strain of cannabis that often yields purple buds regardless of the temperatures used when growing it.

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